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Biotechnology           The Department of Biotechnology was established in the academic year 2003-2004 with B.Sc Biotechnology, Microbiology and Chemistry as a self-funding course. There are two faculty members: Dr. M. Padmavathi and Mr. C. Sivaprasad.  Dr. M. Padmavathi is well-qualified and experienced. She has participated in various seminars/workshops and presented papers. She has also published an article in a national journal.  Mr. C. Sivaprasad is a recently appointed teacher with one year experience. As of now, the faculty is adequate and competent to impart and train the students in the core areas of Biotechnology and also enrich the students with a better practical experience handling the latest equipment. The department is also provided with an ICT classroom. Besides a UG course, BSc, with Biotechnology, Microbiology and Chemistry combination, the department is also offering a PG course, MSc, in Biotechnology.

           As good learning is a reflection of better skills of students and effective tutoring in both theory and practical training, the Department has an excellent laboratory with the most modern equipment like laminar air flow, refrigerator centrifuge, electrophoresis chambers, U.V. Spectrophotometer, air conditioned culture room which provide a conducive atmosphere for acquiring better practical knowledge, CDs on molecular biology with animation are displayed in the department for the better understanding of the processes of molecular biology.

            The total UG student strength of the department is 60 and PG is 30. Around 60% of the students are women, which indicates, the safe atmosphere of the college. Most of the students belong to urban areas and backward sections of the society. The department also involves itself in taking classes for I year BSc MPC, MPS and BBM students to teach Applications in Biotechnology under CBIDE. The department frames its own syllabi in the Board of Studies (BOS) under the guidance of outside experts and get the same ratified in the Academic Council as the institution is autonomous. For the PG course, the syllabi, the model papers approved by the S.K. University are followed as the course doesn’t come under autonomy.

           Autonomous Review Committee The department toils not only for the academic progress of the students but also for their overall development. The pass percentage of the students has been above 90% on an average. The progression of the students has also been excellent. The percentage of students who reach the universities is around 80% and those who reach the level of M.Phil., or Ph.D., are around 10%. This is all because of the semester system and also the hard work of the teachers which enable the students to be thorough with the prescribed syllabi and prepare well for internal tests and semester-end examinations. The department also constantly monitors the progress of the students by getting feedback from them with regard to the curriculum teaching-learning-evaluation. Apart from the regular classroom teaching, use of computers and OHPs, encouraging the students to participate in group discussions, panel discussions and seminars along with teachers, are the healthy practices of the department. The students are advised to prepare charts or models. Simple science projects are assigned to students to improve their scientific temper. The faculty regularly conducts seminars, guest lectures, group discussions, quiz programmes etc. New teaching methods are an integral part of the department. Remedial classes are conducted for the slow-learners identified by the faculty.

            The students express satisfaction with regard to the syllabi, methods of teaching and evaluation. Besides, the faculty and the students participate in extension activities such as clean and green programmes, blood donation camps, plantation, awareness programmes regarding superstitions and diseases. Some students of the department are actively engaged in NSS and NCC programmes.

            The alumni of the department have been serving in various state, central government and private organizations in such cadres as administrators, lecturers, teachers, scientists and so on. They often come to the college and meet the present students and share their views with them with regard to the subject and institution. They express happiness about the performance of the department. The Management expresses its happiness about its progress when it visits the department.

            The department uses innovative methods of teaching with creativity. The department can boast of its well-equipped laboratories, good student progression and the supporting management. There are opportunities for the department to expose students to hand on experiments, guest lectures and interaction with eminent teachers from various colleges. The department has plans to strengthen the departments by getting further equipment for the PG course. It is also planning to conduct certificate courses in molecular and Genetic Engineering Techniques.


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