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           The Department of English is one of the largest departments with the faculty strength of six.  It was started in the year 1981 with Sri P.V.R. Sastry as its head. Today, the department has two Associate Professors and four Assistant Professors academically assisting a huge student strength of 1800.

           Dr. K. Gopal Reddy, Associate Professor and Head, has a brilliant teaching career of 21 years. A teacher with the specialization of Indian writing in English, he has two research papers to his credit. He has presented papers at national seminars and workshops and produced 5 M.Phils. He is guiding M.Phil., and Ph.D., scholars of various universities in the country. He participated in a number of training programmes conducted by APSCHE, Hyderabad, on English teaching and learning. He is responsible for getting placements for our JKC students through campus selection as JKC trained mentor.

English Language Lab           Dr. U. Venkata Ramana, Associate Professor and Additional Controller of Examinations has been teaching in the department since 1991.  He has published two research papers and produced 11 M.Phils. He has presented papers and chaired sessions at National Seminars. He was also trained in Language Skills organized by A.P. State Government. As an NSS officer he involved students in many awareness programmes like HIV/AIDS, voluntary Blood donation with the support of Indian Red Cross Society, Anantapur. He organized several Gender Sensitizing programmes including equal rights for women, and has worked against ragging, eve-teasing and dowry system in association with women organizations and NGOs. He is also working for the personality development of students through community service.    

           Sri S. Narayana Swamy and Smt B. Anuradha, Assistant Professors, have also actively participated in seminars and college activities. All the four teachers have undergone refresher / orientation courses and Train the Trainer programmes to enhance their academic and research skills.

           The other two Assistant Professors  Sri S.A. Alim Azmi, with more than 14 years of experience  and Sri B. Kesava Reddy with 12 years of experience, are also active members of the department doing their best for the student community.    

           The department has a well-furnished staff room, a departmental library and a language lab with 42 systems with internet facility, an LCD projector, a scanner and Language Software worth Rs.1,50,000/-. The language lab is used to enhance the communication skills of students in English. The department has eighteen spacious classrooms for its use. The students come both from rural and urban areas.  Majority of the students are from Telugu medium back ground hailing from rural areas. The ratio of boys and girls is 45 : 55. The language skills vary according to the background of a student.  Those who come from rural areas lack in written and communication skills while the urban students are comparatively better.     

           As the institution is an autonomous one, the staff, along with outside experts, prepares the syllabi, model papers and evaluation methods in the BOS meeting and presents them in the Academic Council for approval. The faculty expresses satisfaction over the syllabi, model papers and evaluation methods. The department utilizes the curriculum and the teaching learning evaluation methods for the maximum benefit of students.  The department encourages the students to participate in the classroom activities such as debates, group discussions, seminars, quiz programmes, essay writing and elocution to improve the language skills.

           English Language LabBesides the lecture method, the department also follows the modern methods of teaching in English, such as pair work and group work, role-play etc., in the classrooms.  This has paved the way for more student participation in the classroom activity.  This has also reduced the teachers talk time (TTT) and increased the student talk time (STT) in the classrooms.  It is a matter of pride that the department conducted a Two Day National Seminar on English Language Teaching, sponsored by APSCHE, Hyderabad on 29-30 January 2010.  Eminent scholars of English attended the seminar. The Department has collaboration with other degree colleges such as Osmania College (Autonomous), Kurnool and Sri Ramakrishna Degree College (Autonomous), Nandyal.    

           The Alumni feel that they have learnt English from the department and the department often makes it a point to invite them to the college to interact with the present students and know the present status of teaching in the college. Their feedback on the department is taken into consideration for the use of the department. The employers feel that the department has been working satisfactorily for both the progress of the college and the improvement of the students.  

           The department is strong in terms of its well qualified and experienced faculty with considerable research output. It can also boast of having a very modern English Language laboratory.  The department aspires for another language lab, an ELT center and a language library.

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