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           The department of History was started in the year 1981. The Government of Andhra Pradesh sanctioned two posts of lecturers. Dr. M. Nazeer Ahammed, a well experienced and qualified teacher serving the department for thirty years, will retire on 31-10-2012. In recognition of his services, the A.P. state government honoured him with State Level Best Teacher Award in 1997. At present, the department has only one Assistant Professor Smt.Y. Prameela who is efficient and experienced. She has undergone various training programmes such as refresher courses, orientation courses and other training programmes to improve her-self academically. The Department is offering BA with History, Economics and Political Science combination.

           The department is provided with a well-furnished separate staff room, a departmental library, the required material such as maps, charts, pictures, photographs for teaching, and well-furnished three classrooms. The students are encouraged to prepare maps, charts, pictures and collect photographs of national leaders, national movements, historically important places, Archaeological museums etc. The department is equipped with a computer system and a printer. The total student strength of the department is 220. More than 50% of the students are women, which indicate the safe atmosphere of the college for women students. Most of the students belong to rural areas and backward sections of the society. The department also involves itself in taking classes for I year B.Com students to teach An Introduction to Indian History under CBIDE. The department frames its own syllabi in the Board of Studies (BOS) under the guidance of outside experts and gets the same ratified in the Academic Council as the institution is autonomous.

Histoty Department           The department works not only for the academic progress of the students but also for their overall development. The pass percentage of the students has been around 85 on an average. The progression of the students has also been good. The percentage of students who reach the universities is around 65 and those who reach the level of M.Phil., or Ph.D., are around 2. This is all because of the semester system and also the hard work of the teachers.
           The department also constantly monitors the progress of the students by getting feedback from them with regard to the curriculum teaching-learning-evaluation. The students are at liberty to approach the department for any kind of help they needed to understand the subject. The faculty regularly conducts seminars, guest lectures, group discussions, quiz programmes etc.  New teaching methods are an integral part of the department.  Remedial classes are conducted to the slow-learners identified by the faculty. The faculty conducts bridge classes to the non-humanity students in the first month of the academic year. The faculty gives academic guidance and personal counselling to students regarding their socio-economic problems, academic matters, examinations, general attendance etc.
           The students express satisfaction with regard to the syllabus, methods of teaching and evaluation. Besides, the faculty and the students participate in extension activities such as clean and green programmes, blood donation camps, plantation, awareness programmes regarding superstitions and diseases. The head of the department Dr. M. Nazeer Ahammed himself served as an NSS Programme officer. This has largely helped him to encourage his students to participate in various social activities. They students are encouraged to carry out surveys of politically important persons in the neighboring villages. They are advised to visit Anantapur Museum of Archeology and take up demonstration classes.  As an extension to Archaeology, the students are encouraged to collect description of tools, implements, pictures, art, architecture, inscriptions and coins.
History Department stuent seminar           The alumni of the department have been serving in various state and central government organizations in such cadres as administrators, lecturers, advocates, registrars, police officers, revenue officers and so on. They often come to college and meet the present students and share their views with them with regard to the subject and institution. The employers are also happy about the performance of the department. The Correspondent of the college Sri P.L.N. Reddy constantly encourages the staff and the students and monitors the progress of the department. He is happy about the performance of the department.  In a nut shell, it can be said that the department has good-facilities with experienced and qualified faculty. It uses innovative methods of teaching with new ideas. There are opportunities for the department to develop by conducting seminars, taking the students on educational tours to places of historical importance. As most of the students belong to rural and socially backward sections of the society, it is a challenge for the teacher to face the large classes and make the students understand the subject. On the whole, the department has its own reputation in the college.

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