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          Telugu is the mother tongue of most of the people of Andhra Pradesh.  It is the language of nearly six crores of people. A language with full of grace and charm,  it is a very sweet language to speak and to listen.  That is why a scholar like C.P.Brown was inspired to choose it to compile his monumental English – Telugu and Telugu – English dictionaries.

          The Department of Telugu was started in October 1981. Today, the department is run by 3 Assistant Professors. Smt. C. Deevena, Head of the Department, has been serving the department for the last four years. A good teacher of Modern Telugu literature, she has been actively working for the development of Telugu language by organizing essay writing and quiz competitions in Telugu literature. A Telugu short story writer, her stories were published in vernacular magazines.

Telugu department          Dr. N. Rasool, Assistant Professor, has also been serving the college for the last four years. With a brilliant academic record, he teaches Modern Telugu literature with special focus on Folk literature appealingly.  He has attended and presented papers at national seminars and workshops. He has been a tremendous supporter of NSS, NCC, Red Ribbon Club and ECO Club activities involving students in awareness programmes. Dr. N. Obi Reddy is on the faculty. 
          The department is provided with a separate staff room, a computer system with a printer and other requirements. It has its own library with 50 books. The total number of classrooms for the department is six. The Department caters to the academic needs of about 753 students of I and II year UG courses.  Most of the students are from Anantapur district, the economically backward area of Rayalaseema region. The Majority of them are women.

          After the college having gained Autonomous status, the Board of Studies of the department frames the curriculum and the Academic council of the college ratifies it. The pass percentage of students is above 95%. The percentage of students who reach the universities is around 10 and those who reach the level of M.Phil., or Ph.D., are minimal.  The faculty is encouraging the students to prepare charts on Literary Events, Poets and Epics, participate in seminars, group discussions and literary competitions in and outside the college. Remedial classes are arranged for slow learners, which help them to compete with the other students of the class.

          The students are encouraged to collect folk songs and Telugu sayings from the surrounding villages. The Newspaper clippings on language related topics are collected and the same are distributed among the students to enhance the Telugu language skills. The handouts are prepared on contemporary Grammar and the same is distributed to the students. Along with the academic instructions, the students are involved in the activities related to the facts, stories, poetic movements in modern literature, Akashavani and in journalism. The students are encouraged to develop creative writing.   The department makes it a point to monitor the progress of the students by getting feedback from them with regard to the curriculum teaching-learning-evaluation. The students are at liberty to approach the department for any kind of help they needed to understand the subject. The faculty regularly conducts seminars, guest lectures, group discussions on subject related and other literary topics.  
Besides, the faculty and the students participate in extension activities such as clean and green programmes, blood donation camps, plantation, awareness programmes regarding superstitions and diseases.
Telugu department          The alumni of the department have been serving various private and public organizations occupying the positions like administrators, lecturers, teachers, scientists and software professionals. They often come to the college and meet the present students and share their views with them with regard to the subject and institution. They express happiness about the performance of the department. Correspondent Sri P.L.N. Reddy makes it a point to visit and monitor the progress of the department. He is happy with the performance of the department.

          It is one of the departments in the college whose student strength has been increasing year by year as the department has its own reputation in the university area. There are opportunities for the department to expose students to guest lectures and interaction with eminent teachers from various colleges. The department has plans to conduct a National Seminar, to get a special Telugu Course in B.A.


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